Chem-Dis Chemiedistribution GmbH

Chem-Dis Chemiedistribution GmbH

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Sport Products, Active Carbon, Inorganic Chemical Materials, Detergents, Grey Fabrics, Bent glass, Chemical Waste, Car Glasses and Mirrors, Windshield Wipers, Alcohol, Mineral waters and soft drinks, Beverage Processing Machinery, Art glass, Glass & Crystal Vases, Glass Dinnerware, Ferroalloy & Products, Glass, Chemical Projects, Waterproof Materials, Swimming pools

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Chem-Dis Chemiedistribution GmbH




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Chem-Dis Chemiedistribution GmbH
Rudelsdorfer Strasse 18 OT Königsho
D-0 76



In the technical industry dextrins are widely used in the adhesive industry (in the manufacture of tubes), the foundry industry (as a binder in bentonite mixtures). Dextrin is also used to manufacture heat-resistant ceramics, grinding wheels, matches, sparklers, briquettes, finished the fabrics, adhesive pastes, water-based paints and more.

Active carbon

Active carbon is a highly porous carbon with exceptionally large surface area. Active carbon is a set of graphite tablets distant from each other - and these gaps or pores make the surface so large. Active carbon is made from hard coal, coconut shells and wood.

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